Community Partners

Now more than ever, it is important to band together to share resources and build community! Our Oakland© partners and collaborates with community organizations to reach out to diverse communities, produce high-quality material, and build new relationships. Current partners include Friends of Oakland Public Library, ACORN Woodland Elementary and Encompass Academy, Youth Uprising, and 100 Families Oakland, the Center for Art & Public Life at California College for the Arts.

We are currently seeking community organizations such as non-profits, clubs, faith organizations, community gardens, community media production providers, community schools, senior or immigrant organizations, and others who would be interested in hosting a Community Storytelling Day to record stories of their members, friends, and family. If you can guarantee enough attendees, we can help you get started!

Please contact Mary Fuller, Our Oakland Project Coordinator, 510-350-7492 or for more information about how to become a community partner or host a Community Storytelling Day! 

Community Partners Make 1st Our Oakland Community Storytelling Day a Success!

Many thanks to ACORN Woodland Elementary school who hosted our first pilot event on October 25, 2008! Thanks also to participating Our Oakland community partners Youth Uprising, 100 Families Oakland and ACORN Woodland Elementary and EnCompass Academy. Together we welcomed 16 families and recorded interviews in Spanish as well as English. Young media producers from Youth Uprising provided technical assistance, while 100 Families led art activities involving participants when they were not giving interviews. We learned a lot from this pilot event that will help up refine our model for future events!

What people are saying about the

1st Community Storytelling Day 

“It was nice to think about how our community was in times past compared to how it is today.” --Linda August

“’s important for us to get together as (a) community...we scanned some of our kids’ pictures, so our kids are also part of the project.” -- Abel Gutierrez and Virginia Lopez

“I was a student in ACORN Woodland and I wanted to share my experiences with everyone. I liked being able to flashback as I was interviewed to my childhood in this school.” -- Mary Cruz Diaz

“I enjoyed everything (about today’s event).”-- Maria Diaz

“This is such a wonderful thing we’re doing here. We’re getting the community involved.” -- Jennifer Eurby