We had the pleasure of meeting Jay Ento at the last Community Storytelling Day.  Jay was born and raised in Oakland, and remembers East Oakland when it was very different.  "Everybody looked out for one another.  Talk about a Village.  We WERE the Village," Jay muses.  "If somebody saw you doing something your weren't supposed to be doing a block away, by the time you got home you got what for."  Jay also reminised about the abundance of vegetale gardens and fruit trees in her neighborhood on 75th Avenue and sharing fresh food with her neighbors. 

Jay also talked about some of the challenges facing the neighborhood today.  In part 2, she urges people to talk to East Oakland's youth, rather than talking AT them.  She thinks there's a lot of wasted talent hanging out on the corners of the neighborhood, and that if we'd engage them, they might have some solutions for the neighborhoods's woes.  But she'll tell you better than we can:
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